Seasonal Florida Room | Model 2500

Seasonal Florida Room Model-2500

This Florida room features  a four-tier glass window system. This allows you to position each panel to virtually any position from the top down  or the bottom up. Completed with a fully screened glass area, this room allows full ventilation.

2×3 wall construction is another one of our standard quality features included in all of our three-season enclosures for added insulation and structural integrity.


  • Fully screened fibreglass window area
  • 4-tier glass windows
  • Patio or storm door with door locks
  • Aluminum siding
  • Vinyl sided units
  • Interior walls paneled and insulated
  • Insulated 3” roof
  • Interior white stucco ceiling
  • Eaves trough & down pipe


  • Additional Patio Doors and Additional 2″ Trilite Storm Door
  • Additional Roof
  • Insulated Deck
  • Divider Wall
  • Railing
  • Railing Posts
  • 3” Pillar Post
  • Aluminum Siding
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