What does the price include?

The price in our brochures includes three walls, one door and the roof system for that particular room, siding on the outside and panelling on the inside.

How much do your enclosures cost?

Since every enclosure we build is considered a custom build to suit your particular needs, please call us and we can provide you with an approximate quote.

How long before delivery?

We usually deliver within three to four weeks after a deposit is made.

How long does it take to install?

We usually install in one day.

What if it's raining on my installation date?

We are there RAIN or SHINE!

Can you match the colour of my home or trailer?

YES! The siding and trim of your enclosure will match your home or trailer.

Does the enclosure include shutters?

Every room is custom built so every room can have shutters to match your needs and wants.

Can I use my room in the winter?

It is not recommended to use your three-season enclosure during the winter. With single pane glass, and the addition of a heat source, your windows will likely condensate. If you would like to use your enclosure in winter, we would recommend considering an extended or four-season enclosure.

Can I add to my roof length?

Yes. You can add on to your roof at any time. You can also add walls under your existing roof any time you choose.

Can I move my room if I upgrade my trailer?

Yes you can. We offer removal and re-installation on every product we manufacture
and install.

What's the difference between a roll-up roof and a hard roof?

A roll-up roof is a non-permanent fixture that is less durable than a hard roof and more susceptible to wind, rain and snow.

What does H & H stand for?

Hunter and Hunter – the original owners.

How long have you been in business?

Proudly serving our customers since 1981.